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Why is ICT Needed in Libraries?

Needs of ICT in the Library.

Needs of ICT in the libraryThe emerging trends of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and its application explore the opportunity to make more efficient the functions and services of Libraries. These paradigm changes have not only specified new exploratory and innovations thoughts of managing the functions and services of Libraries but also create an unprecedented challenging environment for professionals and information officers to fulfill the astounding information desire of users and also to manage the unimaginable exploration of electronic information. Electronic Information becoming a challenging issue for information professionals and practitioner because most of the Libraries are now moving towards automation or the partial/complete digitization without giving due consideration to the post-technology deployment, services, and other management issues. ICT in Libraries have made easier production; storage, access and easy dissemination of electronic information. Consequently, the user is becoming more demanding in terms of availability of specific, measurable, accurate and timely information. The Libraries have found it very difficult to acquire, arrange, process and disseminate information in traditional ways. So, Librarians are compelled to plan, organize and communicate the huge information communication technologies. Electronic Information resources are available in static physical forms such as CD-ROMS, floppies or in a fluid form like the Internet Technology have made it possible to collate information from various source points and package it to be accessible from a single source point, while delivering it to the user. The changed concept of a library is mixed—media library. For this, libraries need to be equipped with multimedia technological aids to elicit code, store, retrieve and disseminate information.

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